Belfast United Methodist Church
Monday, December 22, 2014
The mission of the Belfast United Methodist Church is to be a community of Disciples in service for Jesus Christ, sharing God's love with all.

Fuel Oil Programs


GBAM Interfaith Fuel Fund

The Interfaith Fuel Fund (IFF) is an assistance program to help those of Waldo County in need of help with fuel during the heating season.

Those in need of help with fuel must first get an appointment date set up with HEAP, then go to their town office to see if there are any funds there to help them.  If the town office cannot help, they will provide a letter stating so.  The individual then is to take the HEAP appointment date and the letter from their town to the Belfast United Methodist Church office during the hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:00a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

An application will be completed and if it is found the individual is truly in need, they will receive 100 gallons of fuel to be paid for by the IFF account.  It is very important that if someone finds they are nearly out of fuel, they must act quickly.  If they wait until they are completely out, then the fuel line needs to be bled at a cost of $93.50 for an emergency trip; a cost that the churches cannot afford to make.  Also, depending on the location of the home, the delivery truck may not be scheduled to be there for a number of days. Households can receive assistance of 100 gallons of fuel only once during the heating season. 

If you want to help, you can give a donation through any of the churches listed below. You can make a deposit directly into the Interfaith Fuel Fund at any Bangor Savings Bank. Just make your check or money order out to GBAM Interfaith Fuel Fund, or take cash directly to the bank.