Belfast United Methodist Church
Friday, August 01, 2014
The mission of the Belfast United Methodist Church is to be a community of Disciples in service for Jesus Christ, sharing God's love with all.
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02 prayer requests


This list is for people in need of ongoing prayers and concern. Please include the following in your daily prayers. To add names to this list,  call or email the church office or add the names with prayer concerns to the Prayer List on the marble table in the Narthex. 

Name Prayer Concern Requested by
Bishop Suda Devadhar and conference leaders  
The President and the leaders of our country   
Young Parents and their children in our community  
Melanie U      Chemotherapy, throat cancer Sue Barnard
Bill Gatchell surgery Elaine Cunningham
Jane Shaw cancer Anne Shaw
Karen Kelsay health concerns Bob Harvey
Keith Cavanaugh surgery Pat Macdonald
Don Johns recovery from fall Paul Carlson
Lloyd Heil medical concerns Joyce Richards
Galinda Brown (ChiChi) health concerns Roberta DuBois
Bruce & Cindy Lovely prayers Sue Totman
Michael Lavender health concerns Evelyn Littlefield
Audrey Cook health concerns Regina Knight
Bill Sumner cancer Beverly Everbeck
Barry Payson depression Eleaine Cunningham
Ron Leighton health concerns Evelyn Littlefield
Pam Morse-Young diabetes - foot problems Hal & Judy Morse
Matt Shaw health concerns Sarah Black
Ruthie Rayna cancer June & Shirley
Kayla Payson surgery Mary Dutch
Ron Littlefield knee surgery  
Mary Armstrong comfort Elaine Cunningham
Kelli Murphy health issues Roxanne Philbrick
Donna Linney cancer Jan Whiting
Suzanne ICU Jan Whiting
Krisy Kelly internship in Alaska Betty York
Cassandra Thompson motorcycle accident Roxanne Philbrick
Matt Willis depression Jo-Anne Willis
Russell Wing blood infection Sue Wing
Sue Wing health concerns Judy Van Ness
Jennifer Hamel health concerns  
Lee Phillips recovery at home BUMC family
Jeff Heroux continued prayers BUMC family
Bill Gatchell cancer Elaine Cunningham
Peg Wakeland health issues Teri Mace
Marilyn Rohdin car accident Evelyn Littlefield
Cassandra Thompson recovery Roxanne Philbrook
Audrey Cook comfort Regina Knight
Shelly V cancer Haley Black