Belfast United Methodist Church
Thursday, October 27, 2016
The mission of the Belfast United Methodist Church is to be a community of Disciples in service for Jesus Christ, sharing God's love with all.
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02 prayer requests


This list is for people in need of ongoing prayers and concern. Please include the following in your daily prayers. To add names to this list,  call or email the church office or add the names with prayer concerns to the Prayer List on the marble table in the Narthex. 

Name Prayer Concern Requested by
Bishop Suda Devadhar and conference leaders  
The President and the leaders of our country   
Young Parents and their children in our community  
Mark Leathers cancer Roxanne Philbrick
Maynard health issues BUMC family
Darcey Blethen cancer Joy Baker
Eddie borken pelvis Gail Clark
Chris Johndro health issues Sarah Black
Bonnie Redding ovarian cancer Sandra Snowden
Kasey Timerding emotional problems June Norton
Royce Grindle car accident Ross Carroll
Family of Inez Towers comfort Gail Clark
Dudley "Doug" heart attack Diane Drinkwater
Bea Tweedie back fracture Barbara Charmers
Jeff Austin recovery from surgery Jan Austin
Jan Opal-Smith breast cancer Kim Weaver
Patrick O'Brien thyroid cancer Kim Weaver
Maurice Darres recovery from surgery Jo-Anne Willis
Family of Dwight Moody comfort Joanne Parsons
 Family of Penny Oxton comfort Dina Snape
Matt Willis MRI for his back Jo-Anne Willis
Family of Chris Wiley comfort June Clark
Holly Clark, Mark Phillips loss of daugther June Clark
Kelly & Darilyn Gallant   Brandy Dyer
Ann Hubbard infection Garret Hubbard
Kathy O' Hara comfort BUMC family
Tracey Richards gall stones Roxanne Philbrick
Hailey & Michaela family issues Roxanne Philbrick
Elroy Harvey, Jr. health concerns Edith Phillips
Samantha & Jesse Raposa newlyweds Hank, Lori Eaton
Hildreth family house fire Lauren LaChance
Laurie Morse recovery from fall Jo-Anne Willis
Bonnie Redding ovarian cancer Sandra Snowden
Mabel Clark loss of daughter June Clark
Debbie McKinnon loss of father Judy Van Ness
Matthew Eaton college graduate Hank, Lori Eaton
Sheryl  lung cancer Lori Eaton
Young child lyme disease Roxanne Philbrick
Greg Stevens hospital Roberta DuBois
George Russell Jr. heart surgery Roberta DuBois
Beverly Russell surgery Roberta DuBois
Norma Howard health concerns Roberta DuBois
Family of Rochelle Stormoen peace & strength Jan Whiting
Donald Coro cancer Audrey Cook
Robert Charles health concerns Betty York
Norma Littlefield hospital Linda Gordon
Matt Willis health concerns Jo-Anne Willis
Tammy Boyington addiction Tracy Trotta
Krissy Winchenbach addiction Tracy Trotta
Jesse Whiting gout Jan Whiting
Jetton Whiting health concerns Jan Whiting
Becky Nickerson recovery from surgery Debra McCauley
Amy Gould health concerns Debra McCauley
Richard & Claire Rumney comfort BUMC family
Aprille Greeley health concerns Esther Darres
Nick Perry cellulitis June Clark
Family of Kristy Weaver comfort Sarah Black
Bonnie Redding cancer Sandra Snowden
Jane-Opal Smith cancer Kim Weaver
Family of Pastor Richard Smeltzer comfort Sue Bryant
Broken families healing Jon Karr
Bradley Ginn & family prayers Teri Mace
Dan Beeten Jr. & family prayers Teri Mace
 Amy Gould  health issues  Debra MacCauley
Jim Cunningham concerns Judy Van Ness
Jane Patten swelling on brain Beth Patten
Brandy-Fay Dyer safe pregnancy Dyer family
Kathryn Grinole back surgery Ross Carroll
Nancy Hamilton cancer Ross Carroll
Rosemarie Carroll brain tumor Ross Carroll
Joseph Whiting blood clots in lung Jan Whiting
Jesse Whiting pain Jan Whiting
Tony Summers endocarditis John, Michelle Terry
Darcy Blethen cancer Kathy McAvey
Samantha Reynolds personal struggles June, Gerald Clark
Harold Bartlett health problems Jo-Anne Willis
Buddy stomach cancer Jo-Anne Willis
Bonnie Redding  cancer Sandra Snowden
Roxanna Morse health concerns Matt Heroux
Jan Whiting upcoming eye surgery Jon & Roxanne
Cynthia Percy cancer Joanne Parsons
Bethany & Jennifer newly weds BUMC family
Doug & Mary newly weds BUMC family
Tony Summers open heart surgery John & Michelle
Baby Sybil Rose premature birth Evelyn Littlefield
Harold Austin health concerns Roberta DuBois
Norma Howard health concerns Roberta DuBois
Sally Kaehrle cancer Roberta DuBois
Juanita Workman loss of husband Pat Jackson
Elyzabeth Richards foot surgery Joyce Richards
Don & Sandy Gragen Huntington's disease  Susan Langley
Pat Nichols cancer Sandra Snowden
Jim Trevains health concerns Pat, John Lynam