Belfast United Methodist Church
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
The mission of the Belfast United Methodist Church is to be a community of Disciples in service for Jesus Christ, sharing God's love with all.
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02 prayer requests


This list is for people in need of ongoing prayers and concern. Please include the following in your daily prayers. To add names to this list,  call or email the church office or add the names with prayer concerns to the Prayer List on the marble table in the Narthex. 

Name Prayer Concern Requested by
Bishop Suda Devadhar and conference leaders  
The President and the leaders of our country   
Young Parents and their children in our community  
Sharon Goguen cancer JoDelle Rolerson
John & Dorothy Shea health issues JoDelle Rolerson
Cathy Crist pancreatic cancer Mary Dutch
Family of Charlie Laurel comfort Jean Durham
Sue Corey heart attack Pat Jackson
Jane Shaw health issues Elaine Cunningham
Dawn Whiting surgery Jan Whiting
Janette Patten cancer Beth Patten
Elyabeth Richards recovery from surgery Butch Richards
Roxanne Philbrick comfort (sister passed) BUMC family
Heather Rogers cancer Dina Snipe
Meg Queior cancer Dan Queior
Deborah cancer Kim
Ross Carroll & family comfort-wife passed BUMC family
Family of Malt Shaw comfort Haley
Robert Dillard pain free Bob
Inky Newlin pancreatic cancer Paul Carlson
Linda Gordon & Dina Snape comfort Evelyn Littlefield
Doug medical tests Joanne Parsons
Cindy Lewis surgery Joanne Parsons
Emily Berry Moore, Kristen & Chris  comfort, patience & understanding  Diane Drinkwater
Marcia Harford coping with dementia Evelyn Littlefield
Jennet Warren loss of dog Haley Black
Zech Curtis papa has health issues Haley Black
Gloria Bailey heart issues Gail Clark
New Graduates   Jon Karr
Liz Hutchins knee replacement Roberta DuBois
Cameron Carmona wrist surgery Roberta DuBois
Violet Beaudoin head/face injuries Roberta DuBois
Joe Clark cancer Joanne Parsons
Jeanne Ward heart issues Joanne Parsons
Dorothy Small stroke Misse Heroux
Steve McFadden car accident Misse Heroux
Jane Shaw in hospital Elaine Cunningham
Lorna brain tumor Jean Durham
Liz cancer Jean Durham
Sally Kaehli surgery/cancer Roberta DuBois